NBA 2K21 uses PS5's DualSense to simulate player fatigue

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The next generation of NBA 2K21 will have many improvements in graphics and animation that you would expect from the first major basketball game of this generation. In a lengthy blog post, 2K detailed how NBA 2K21 uses the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of PlayStation 5's DualSense controller to simulate the energy and fatigue levels of team players. If you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT, you will save a lot of time to increase game revenue and allow your players to accumulate more energy.

NBA 2K game director Mike Wang wrote: "Developers are always excited about the emergence of new hardware features with new game consoles." "When we first heard about the adaptive PlayStation 5 When triggering and tactile feedback, we immediately started brainstorming and exploring ways to use them to enhance the gaming experience. Once we mastered the development kit, our lead engineer tried several different prototypes to find the best prototype for the basketball game. "

According to 2K's post, as the characters they control start to run out of energy, players will begin to develop more and more resistance to the sprint trigger. For players who like to play powerful post-match games, DualSense adaptive triggers will also be taken into consideration. Players with strong post-match stats have little resistance to the L2 trigger when shrinking from weaker opponents. If players with weaker data after the game want to do this, they must redouble their efforts in L2. 2K uses DualSense's tactile feedback to solve the always challenging problem of making it look realistic when players collide with each other.

2K’s blog post also detailed NBA 2K21’s movement, dribbling and other collision mechanism improvements, which resulted in some convincing animations in which the defensive player was knocked down. 2K also specifically mentioned rebuilding their foot implant technology from the ground up so that players can take small procedural steps without having to slide on the court like on ice.

If you want, you can play the current version of NBA 2K21. PS5 and Xbox series X/S versions of NBA 2K21 will be released on November 12 and November 10, respectively. According to our experience, this is the early release of NBA 2K21. You can Buy MT at GameMS and enjoy lower prices and high-quality services.


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