New World: Ice Gauntlet brings more fun to players

New World: Ice Gauntlet brings more fun to players

The weapon control system is one of the most unique aspects of New World. It allows players to try all the weapons in the game on a single character, replacing the class-based system that exists in many MMO games. Among the magic weapons of New World, Ice Gauntlet has the most powerful group control ability and is a good way for PvE and PVP to slow down and stop the attack. Players can use a variety of different methods to upgrade this weapon in the game to customize their own game style.

In New World, costumes are not just how players upgrade their weapons, they also affect how players allocate their attribute points, the New World Coins equipment they wear, and the alternative weapons they choose. Ice Gauntlet has practicality, and its function as an auxiliary weapon is very good. If the player chooses to go this way, then the player's personal attributes should be assigned to the player's main weapon. But if the player chooses to specialize in it, Ice Gauntlet can still become a capable junior.

First, the player needs to invest 300 points in intelligence. This is the most suitable statistic for the weapon to be scaled. It will help players gain mana faster and cause more damage through attacks. Together with the intelligence, continue to put 200 points into the physique, because the player needs some durability to withstand the damage. It will also increase the damage output of some offensive skills that Ice Gauntlet will use.

When pairing Ice Gauntlet, the best way is to use another magic weapon as the player's secondary or primary weapon. If the player wants to use the Ice Gauntlet to slow down and cause damage at the same time, the Fire Staff is great, although the Life Staff is equally powerful in terms of healing and teamwork. Ultimately, this will boil down to the style the player wants to play. If the player chooses Ice Gauntlet as the main choice, then maybe the player will want to Buy New World Coins use the Staff of Life to get some additional healing effects, although this combination is much better when the Staff of Life is the mainstay.

Ice Gauntlet can use three key abilities. These will provide a lot of slowing and damage, and in some cases get some much-needed safety from nearby enemies. Although Ice Gauntlet can give players a better experience, the important role of New World Coins cannot be ignored. More New World Coins can help players quickly improve their overall strength. As a professional seller, NewWorldCoins will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game.


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